WELCOME TO dade internal

Dade Internal Medicine is here to serve the South Florida community with comprehensive medical care in an LGBTQIA+ inclusive environment.

Dr. Perez, founder of Dade Internal Medicine


We are an inclusive practice where everyone is welcome.

Dade Internal Medicine offers internal medicine services and preventative care to enhance your quality of life. We provide our patients with all the necessary services, from primary care services, prevention, and vaccinations, to referrals to specialists. Located in North Miami, we cater to South Florida and its surrounding areas.


We are proud to serve our community. At Dade Internal Medicine, nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our patients.

Our mission is to keep our patients as healthy as possible to help them achieve healthier lives.

We Care

It can be hard for some communities to access the healthcare they need. Dade Internal is here to change that by welcoming patients of all genders, races, and sexual preferences. We ensure all of our patients feel safe and supported by their primary care doctor. 

Our practice aims to empower the LBTGQIA+ community by providing testing, preventative, and counseling services in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Our highly educated staff provides only well-researched and proven methods to restore health and wellness to its optimal level.

DIMA provides all medical services for AKESO community health.

Dade Internal Medicine Associates (DIMA) is an associate of AKESO.

Where all the medical services are provided from.