Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP Treatment, can drastically reduce your chances of becoming infected with HIV if you know you’re at risk.

Once you become a Dade Internal Medicine patient in Miami, Florida, your caring doctor will review your options. In many cases, you can start your PrEP treatment plan right away. It’s easy to schedule an appointment to determine if PrEP is right for you.

PrEP treatments are not only exclusively for men. They are available to women as well. Patient assistance programs for PrEP are available. Please ask one of our providers for more information about PrEP Treatment in Miami.

What is PrEP?

PrEP is short for pre-exposure prophylaxis. Your doctor at Dade Internal Medicine might suggest going through PrEP treatment in Miami if you have a very high risk of HIV. This treatment involves taking two different HIV medications every day to help reduce your chances of HIV infection.

While you should always use protection during sexual activity, PrEP therapy can further decrease your risk of HIV if you know your partner is HIV positive. PrEP is more than 90% effective against HIV infection from sexual intercourse when used precisely as your doctor prescribes it. If your risk stems from sharing needles, PrEP can reduce your HIV infection chances by as much as 70%.

Who should take PrEP?

You should consider PrEP if you are a man who has sex with men, your partner is HIV(+), you share needles with someone else who might have HIV, you have multiple sexual partners, or you are a sex worker. Gay men and transgender females who aren’t in mutually monogamous relationships are at high risk of contracting HIV. They should consider PrEP treatment, especially if condom use is infrequent during sexual intercourse.

PrEP in Miami

What do I need to know before starting PrEP Treatment in Miami?

Your doctor must confirm your negative HIV status before starting PrEP. That’s why being open and honest with your doctor is essential. If you hide details about your lifestyle, your doctor might not be able to help you prevent HIV with the use of PrEP.

Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or want to become pregnant might also be able to take PrEP. This may be an option for protecting you and your baby if your partner is HIV-positive. Everyone should get tested for HIV at least once. 

At this time, we have tablets and injectable medication to use as PrEP. It is vital to get tested for HIV every three months while taking PrEP since other STI infections are still possible. The sooner those are diagnosed and treated, the healthier you will be.